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Jennifer McGillis

Sales Associate


Deerfield Township, OH

""Words don’t express how great Jennifer McGillis is at getting to know you and your home. She was able to list it and REALLY market the home. Jen is technically savvy with social networking, and she created a website of our home and that allowed buyers an in depth look at our home, which can’t be featured on the MLS pages. Our situation was dire. We had to sell our home in a pricey neighborhood, in a desirable, sought after school district. We originally went with a seasoned agent, and let her have our listing for 12 months. Needless to say, our listing sat with no offer and was not shown but 4-5 times in the year. Yes, the market was slow, and not many buyers in the price range of our home. We reduced the price a number of times by huge amounts, to no avail. The listing expired and this agent was very shocked that we didn’t re-list after all she had done to market our home. We had to do something. Having seen Jen’s energy and enthusiasm, and knowing our situation, we decided to give her a try. We couldn’t have been more pleased when she hit the ground running, and did all the marketing, and handled our financial woes with dignity. We really needed to sell the house, so she did everything she could to sell the home. She had an agent tour, with a gift card giveaway and lunch by the bite. She also agreed with us to come to the showings to personally show people the features of the home. Again, this home was a highly technical home with multiple kitchens, electronics, and features that the average home doesn’t have. Buyers were very appreciative of her presence and thorough knowledge of our property. Within 3 weeks, we had multiple offers, and buyers wanting our house. It really was the difference between listing and marketing the home with an energy that is indescribable. We sold our home in the most difficult time of our lives, all thanks to Jen, the rock star. Jennifer McGillis is an extremely professional real estate agent, and obviously, I would highly recommend her. ""

- Jeff & Belinda

Greene Township, OH

""It was a pleasure doing business with Jennifer! Communication was top notch, I always felt like I was her only client, even though I know that was not the case. Her individual attention to detail and calm personality kept things real and focused. We really enjoyed looking at homes with Jennifer because we felt comfortable sharing with her what our needs were, and what we liked and didn't like about each property. Fortunately, and unfortunately, we found our dream home very quickly! We are extremely grateful to Jennifer for everything she did for us during this process, and LOVE our new home!""

- Ken & Julie

Hyde Park, OH

""Jen sold our house quickly and efficiently. Our house sold in half the time that we had expected and in less time than surrounding properties.

It was clear during our initial appointment that she had a thorough understanding of our specific neighborhood and the real estate trends. She laid out a clear plan and executed it without hesitation.

Jen was excellent at keeping us up to date and educated during the entire process.

During the sale Jen was on top of everything and was so well organized. We never worried about anything being overlooked or misplaced. The peace of mind she gave us during the entire process was immeasurable. We never worried that everything would get done on time and correctly.

Because of Jen's hard work we were able to quickly and (almost) effortlessly sell our first home and purchase our dream home. Thanks again Jen, you rock! :)"

- Keith & Annette

Wyoming, OH

""Selling one's house is a tedious balance of business savvy, emotions, and gut-level intuition. As a seller I want to partner with someone who will speak truth to me, even if it's not what I want to hear. I also want to partner with someone who will make things happen - keep progress moving in some way or another; a rain-maker to, if nothing else, keep spirits high. Those are the intangibles my wife and I found in working with Jennifer McGillis. Our previous experience with a Realtor was one of immediate optimism followed by months of frustration. We never felt as though he was working with us to attract new buyers. That was anything but the case with Jennifer. She spoke truth to our selling strategy, balanced the myriad points of seller ups/downs, and we always felt that we had our best face forward. Our house did not sell. That's the only downside to having worked with Jennifer. The thing is, my wife and I don't feel like there was something else we could have done, some other strategy we weren't aware of. Jennifer always had us in the best possible position, and that's all a smart seller can ask for. If the market isn't interested in buying your house, it happens. Working with Jennifer was a pleasure, and should we make a run at selling again we won't hesitate to call her. ""

- Dan & Andrea

Wyoming, OH

"I love Jennifer's passion without being pushy. It is a fine line and you walk it with professionalism, courtesy, and grace. You have my word on referrals coming your way!"

- JR

Wyoming, OH

"Jennifer is a terrific real estate agent. When considering a relocation from NYC to Cincinnati, we found Jennifer based upon a few charming videos that she posted on YouTube about Wyoming. When our desire to move to Cincinnati became a reality, she assisted us in our search for a new home which included a jump start on the process by taking video house tours of new homes on the market, and emailing them to us while we were still based in NYC. She continued to tirelessly help us in our search for a new home upon relocating to Cincinnati while we rented a house. She listened intently on what we were looking for and showed us houses with those interests in mind. Overall, she is a knowledgable and professional real estate agent, and we were very pleased with the end result of a beautiful new home in Wyoming.

Last but not least, Jennifer went above and beyond, and even helped us find a part-time babysitter for our son by networking on our behalf, as she knew that we were looking for part-time care. We would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a real estate agent!"

- Jason & Kelly